The Corporate Theatre  
  The Corporate Theatre brings the power of the arts and humanities to show you how you can create a high performance culture through inspirational engagement.

We bring our unique range of experience and an unrivalled resource of outstanding talent to bear on the process of connecting our clients with the true but hitherto untapped potential within themselves and their teams. It all starts with questions like:
Where do we find the energy - mental, spiritual, physical, emotional even, to do this enormous piece of work in the face of such resistance?
It takes leaders who are willing to change, so as to build confidence in a strategy and bring others with them through inspirational, compelling vision.
It means holding each other accountable for creating the higher overall level of human engagement that can empower the talent in an organisation.
I've never been any good at telling a story - but that's the only way I'm going to inspire them...
Some people have a natural ability to inspire audiences. Some have a natural ability to engage at a private or personal level. Some people can naturally do both. Yet however talented such people are, their performance is the result of training, development, hard work and experience.
Most of us have been inspired and engaged during our lives, and have given that gift to others. We can turn this experience to advantage by understanding how we did so , and then transforming our understanding into skill - skill that is powered by our authentic human self and our own courage.
The local teams need to mature into big players. If they don't, they won't be heard in the corporate centre. How can I give them confidence?
We are agile in ensuring that the learning we offer focuses on effectiveness as well as on personal growth. Our approach is guided by the criteria of High Performance Behaviours.
No one seems brave enough to say what they really think. Can we change that? We would move so much faster if we had honest conversations.
We help leaders towards fresh thinking, courageous authenticity, and deeper emotional empathy. They acquire the physical skills and awareness with which to build confidence and communicate a compelling vision.
I want to believe we are doing the right thing. But I'm not sure - and neither is anyone else... is there a way we can be more sure?
Our clients come to us because they don't want half measures or solutions. They want to invest in an experience that can improve and potentially transform how an individual leads, and that can increase the bandwidth of inspirational engagement and leadership throughout their organisation.
Our learning programmes deliver this result in alignment with our clients' strategy. They include coaching, seminars, theatrical scenarios, visual group work, and practical training. They draw on performing arts, psychology, politics and ethics.
  "Homepage I am convinced that without the Corporate Theatre’s artful design and highly skilled facilitation, the team would not have made the changes it has made, and would not be on the accelerated path it is on today. The team addressed significant strategic issues around top-and bottom-line growth and corporate culture as a result of moving their conversations to a higher level. They exceeded financial targets for 2005 and are making the changes needed for growth over the next three years."  
  President, North American Division  
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