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    We Equip You to Thrive in the New Relationship Economy
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  • Inspire Growth™

    A new Relationship Economy is emerging, powered by technology and human connection. It means a new model of commerce with a different relationship to society. You get it and so do we, totally. Customers want to shape products, not just buy them. Teams need to learn how to be inspired and inspire. If you’ve a desire to live well at work, and do good in the world in this new economy, The Corporate Theatre can equip you. We’ve been preparing for this for a long time.

  • Inspire Growth™

    Our expertise as consultants, trainers, and educators is integrated with insights from arts, humanities and business. We have simplified the complexity inherent in growing leaders for this new economy, and we know how to enable you to inspire growth with an energy and a passion that infuses your whole organization.

  • Inspire Growth™

    Performance, value, advantage, a deeper purpose; today they all come from your capacity to inspire growth. This means leaders developing inspired mindsets, behaviours, culture, and systems; leaders acting through an Inspired Collective Intelligence.

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  • Inspire Growth: +

    We believe that organizations are living entities made up of human beings with their own hopes, dreams and rhythms. They are not mechanical entities driven by rationality alone.

    Organizations, like people, can be healthy or ill, can die as well as grow.

    We consult, we train, we infuse and teach. We deliver a unique version of healthcare, operating within the context of an organization’s human condition.

  • Inspired Purpose: +

    Successful organizations have an inspired purpose; a reason for existing beyond mere existence. In the Relationship Economy, only by lifting your sights will you lift your bottom line. We help you and your leaders to discover and shape your company’s purpose by connecting you with your values and turning abstract ideals into vivid pictures. We interview, we explore, we guide. The outcome is the reality of an organisation with a human purpose and a dynamic vision that can be seen and shared, every hour.

  • Inspired Mindset: +

    You understand what inspiration is at its most profound level:  a continuous interplay of Head, Heart, and Values. Working together, using philosophy, poetry, stories, and music, we help you find the Empathy, Authenticity, and Creativity that are within us all. As a result, you learn to choose with deeper consciousness your attitude to the people, places, and things around you, so that you, as a leader, can shape the flow between you and them, all the time. You open yourself to inspiration, and it becomes yours to give.

  • Inspired Behaviour: +

    Inspiration becomes a way of thinking and being in the world. You understand what inspiration is at its most profound level and come to embody it. The desire for inspiration is transformed into a reality. We give you the key to inspiration and the alignment of Head, Heart, and Values that are at its core. Working together, using theatre, philosophy, poetry, stories, and music we help you unlock the powers of, Empathy, Authenticity, and Presence that are within us all.

  • Inspired Human Systems: +

    Inspiration is transformed from practice into process and is hardwired into your company’s procedures and operations. We help you design protocols and rituals that ensure innovation and creativity become your firm’s natural order. You cascade learning, supported with technology, and learn how to speak an authentic human language that connects a compelling strategic narrative with the ideals and interests of your stakeholders.

  • Inspired Culture: +

    Inspiration becomes embedded in your firm’s culture; an invisible force that shapes the way you interact. You constantly infuse each other with the knowledge that you are a different kind of organisation working in a different way. The culture is one where hierarchy is replaced with nested teams; where leadership is exercised by all; where you are all each other’s teachers. There is humanity.

  • Inspired Collective Intelligence: +

    This is the outcome: an organisation that works intuitively. Like a jazz band, you constantly evolve and experiment. Not only are you in tune with each other but you anticipate what’s possible and know how to attain it. From this field of Inspired Collective Intelligence you feed back your shared experience to your starting point of Inspired Purpose, enriching it with stories and examples of learning and development. Your firm inspires.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that every human can inspire and be inspired.

We’ve named our philosophy Inspire Growth. Sustainable growth is the natural order of things, and inspiration is its driving force in human undertakings.

Inspire Growth is the purpose and mission of The Corporate Theatre. We have developed a method which simplifies its complexity and enables leaders to succeed in the new relationship economy by being inspired by the world they live in, and by inspiring performance in others. This is an economy driven by purpose, collaboration and trust—a new way of being a business in society.

Inspire Growth means being inspired by this possibility, by the world around us, by each other, and by the purposes we hold to. From this foundation, Inspire Growth leads to inspired mindsets, behaviours, culture and systems. These come together in Inspired Collective Intelligence —a state of being within an organization that resembles a world class football team or a great arts ensemble, capable of creating a new era of collaboration and cooperation between commerce and citizens.

Inspire Growth requires the development of four mindsets and behaviours: Creativity (Brain); Authenticity (Character); Empathy (Heart); Presence (Body). They are bound together by Courage (Will). These qualities, integrated by training and habit, enable each person to be infused by their context and inspired by the world. They will then be ready to inspire others and themselves to accomplish great purposes.

Inspire Growth is an idea whose time has come.

Meet The Faculty


  • Martin Best

    Martin Best

    Martin Best is the founding partner of The Corporate Theatre. Martin attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, the
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  • Markus Graw

    Markus Graw

    Markus Graw is a partner in The Corporate Theatre and lead faculty member for Central Europe. Markus has been a
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  • Charles McFarland

    Charles McFarland

    Charles McFarland is The Corporate Theatre’s lead in North America. Charlie grew up in Stratford-on-Avon in England of Canadian parents
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  • Theo Best

    Theo Best

    Theodore Best is Poet in Residence at The Corporate Theatre. He completed a BSc in Psychology at Goldsmiths College, a
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  • Marija Skobe-Pilley

    Marija Skobe-Pilley

    Marija Skobe-Pilley is musician in residence at The Corporate Theatre and is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of
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  • Kit Kowol

    Kit Kowol

    Kit Kowol is Historian in Residence at The Corporate Theatre. Kit received his BA and MA from Durham University and
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