A global pharmaceutical company, after years of struggle, developed and brought to market an exceptional product. It delivered huge double-digit growth.

Most firms in the same situation would have sat back and basked in their success. Instead, in the middle of their apparent triumph, the client came to us with three concerns: 

  1. How to sustain this success and make it part of the company culture.
  2. How to avoid complacency and instead grow positive energy in the company.
  3. How to build strong relationships with healthcare professionals that would replace a practice of paying for conference appearances and other financial incentives.


Excited by this request The Corporate Theatre team started to design a program to help the company find ways to resolve their concerns. Intense communication and cooperation with a small dedicated client project team led to a one day workshop where many of the planned exercises and content were tested and refined for a 3 day company-wide conference. Homework and sustaining structures were added. This intensive preparation and close cooperation guaranteed a program custom made for the client and based solidly on The Corporate Theatre’s principles of inspire growth™.

Through this program The Corporate Theatre supported the company in three ways:

  1. Workshops to establish the purpose, the ‘why’, of the company and translate it into a compelling strategic narrative.
  2. Intensive group development educating the leaders to inspire their teams to embrace success with pride as well as humility.
  3. Induction, education and training of all participants in the use of inspirational storytelling as a way of building strong relationships with healthcare professionals at a human level.


Initial reluctance to open up to the unconventional training, facilitation, and coaching provided by The Corporate Theatre quickly changed into complete commitment. The feedback from participants ranges from “the best training I ever attended”, “something for life not only for business”, to “I truly feel inspired to go out and move things forward”.

Likewise, feedback from the sales force indicates that inspiring clients with the company strategy, as well as describing medical benefits, has increased levels of engagement and encouraged active listening. Increased attentiveness to customers on the part of the firm has led to an acceptance of the need for longer sessions between the firm’s people and healthcare professionals. The number of positive recommendations has increased as well as the overall level of customer satisfaction.

The client’s commitment to continue working with The Corporate Theatre, and the change in attitudes that has spread across the company, are testament to the long-term success of The Corporate Theatre’s intervention.