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Thought Leaders

The Corporate Theatre’s mission is to help people re-discover in themselves the human capabilities that are vital to success in these times of turbulence and connectivity. We show them how to find and use their powers of inspiration at the deepest and strongest levels. The result is a culture of inspiration, where teams attain higher performance, and customers and consumers connect through human touch points and brands of integrity.

To do this well means that we must constantly challenge our own assumptions and thinking; continuously explore new territories; and stay connected to a relationship economy in a turbulent world. To help us in this endeavor, some great minds have been good enough to accept our invitation to think big, to think new and to explore what might or could evolve.

These are our Thought Leaders. Our Thought Leaders are people who are known for their wisdom, experience and knowledge, and who never stand still for long. They represent politics, economics, business, and the humanities.

Together with our Thought Leaders we will stay at the centre of the necessary dialogues of today.

Benjamin Barber

An internationally renowned political theorist Benjamin R. Barber is a Senior Research Scholar at the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, The City University of New York, Founder and President of CivWorld, and Walt Whitman Professor of Political Science Emeritus, Rutgers University. Formerly, Barber was Distinguished Senior Fellow at Dēmos and Kekst Professor of Civil Society, University of Maryland.

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Fiona Vickers

Fiona Vickers is Senior Client Partner at Korn/Ferry—the world’s largest executive search and talent management company—where she serves as the firm’s MD of Digital. Specializing in managing the transition to digital in industries stretching from media and entertainment to financial services and utilities, Fiona has been recognized as a powerful force in the sector since the earliest days of the Internet.

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Marc Stears

Prof. Marc Stears was a key faculty member of the Corporate Theatre until 2016 when he took up the post of Chief Executive of the New Economics Foundation (NEF)—one of Britain’s most influential think-tanks. Between 2010 and 2015 Marc was Chief Speech Writer for the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition the Rt. Hon. Ed Milliband. Marc has also been a visiting fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) where his research focused on the ideological and organizational challenges faced by past and contemporary political parties and movements.

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Roger Scarlett-Smith

Roger Scarlett-Smith

Roger has more than 25 years of board level experience in a leading global organisation, with focus on: innovation; communications; marketing; M&A; business design and performance improvement. He has led businesses in: Australasia; America; Europe; The Middle East and Africa. He has a Law degree from Cambridge University, which has been of little help.  Roger is inspired by seeing the release of creativity in diverse teams and believes that we can all play a greater role every day in creating opportunity and a better world.

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Paulo Pisano

Paulo started his career in the fields of consulting and change management for both Corporates and NGO’s. For over twenty years he has engaged in a variety of initiatives in the Human Capital and Organisation Development fields that took him to more than 30 countries across four continents.

He has worked as an executive in sectors as diverse as Financial Services, Consulting, Technology, Media, Education and Energy, and his work has been mostly focused on M&A integration, organisation & executive development and strategic HR.

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Ola Lindell

Senior Marketing Executive with 35+ years international experience in turnaround situations for major consumer brands in the Retail, Consumer Service and Marketing Advertising industries.

Honed skills in building brand equity through strategic planning; innovation; brand development; marketing research and communication. Team player with proven leadership skills and demonstrated ability to initiate and manage change while maintaining a positive environment. Keen sense of long term brand building strategies with emphasis on customer needs and desires and bottom line requirements.

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