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Roger has more than 25 years of board level experience in a leading global organisation, with focus on: innovation; communications; marketing; M&A; business design and performance improvement. He has led businesses in: Australasia; America; Europe; The Middle East and Africa. He has a Law degree from Cambridge University, which has been of little help.  Roger is inspired by seeing the release of creativity in diverse teams and believes that we can all play a greater role every day in creating opportunity and a better world.

Tell us something surprising about you?
Pirates and outlaws run in the family. I can trace clear lines of descent from Grace O'Malley, the Pirate Queen of Ireland, and Will Scarlett, one of Robin Hood's merry men.

What drives you as an individual?
I like to fix things that are broken.

How do you tap into your creativity?
I tap into my creativity by a mix of bouncing ideas around with anyone open to that and some long spells (alone) in the bath.

What’s in it for business?
Technology is transforming every business. This is highly exposing and it means only those who can recreate themselves and their business can succeed.

Who do you consider as an inspiring businessman or woman?
Bill Gates. Not only for enabling the technology revolution, but now the world's greatest philanthropist, giving his wealth a further purpose.

When and where do you feel most inspired?
In business I feel most inspired when I know that the old ways have to change and there is an imperative to embrace the as yet undefined new. Outside of that, it is when I'm in the mountains.

What can we learn from History?
Overall, I feel optimistic that cultures based on: openness; the rule of law; acceptance of diversity and freedom from tyranny, become unstoppably successful versus non-inclusive and extractive regimes. That is the up-swelling power of free people to secure improvement for themselves and society. The parallels in business apply.

What is citizenship and why should companies embrace it?
Citizenship is the sense of ownership and the desire for sustainability that can guide behaviours that are beneficial for the long term. This seems essential for modern businesses.

Tell me something about you that nobody knows?
I am a crossword fiend. More info than needed here, but weekly highlights include: Sunday Times Mephisto; Spectator and New York Times Saturday.

Who or what inspires you?
I find inspiration in many things: music, art, architecture, sports and the great outdoors. The most inspiring thing for me is to meet people who are themselves inspired to do extraordinary things.

What’s your take on “business in the arts and the arts in business”?
Both business and art share a desire for human meaning. Art's articulation of that meaning may be more intuitive or sensory, whereas business may be more pragmatic and overt. Neither can succeed or be relevant without an inspired sense of purpose. By consciously embracing artistic inspiration, business can become open to new options and create a stew of ideas. There can be a human meaning to everyone's role.

Why is humanity so important for business nowadays?
Being recognised as human, important and meaningful in your own right provides the confidence to think afresh, take risks and challenge. These are the essential ingredients of a dynamic and constructive culture. Technology and the speed of change requires such a culture in any sustainable modern business.

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