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Inspiration lies at the core of what most of us want...

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“Inspiration lies at the core of what most of us want to become as people; and the lack of thoughtful, felt, and trusted Inspiration is behind many of the problems we face today. I believe Inspiration can lead us to some of the answers to the questions we grapple with, and that this ‘leading’ can help each of us ‘lead’ our own lives more fully and to greater effect.

Inspiration can give us the collective intelligence we need to counteract the rise of destructive forces. Indeed, it represents a ‘different kind of force’  -  one that can ‘animate the structures that might appear after the old ones crumble."

I look forward to sharing more thoughts on Inspiration, including what it really is and how to do it. Martin Best, The Corporate Theatre.

The Receiving and Transmitting of Inspiration
Inspiration comes in two ways.