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Inspiring Growth - In the forest

Yesterday my wife and I took a walk through a nearby forest, a so called heritage forest indicating it’s non commercial use. Trunks were laying around wherever they had  fallen, trees of all types were growing without predefined patterns. Bogs were spreading and all sorts of plants were growing wild. We immersed into a world of peace, a frog jumped into a pond covered in green weed, the wind was rustling in the trees, the sunshine was cut into beams illuminating the area fairy like. We breathed in, feeling inspired by a perfect nature surrounding us.


Suddenly the peace and quiet was interrupted by some giggling laughter and penetrating human chatter. Like switching off a light the mystery of the place was lost. Annoyed I started to think about I-Thou and I-It. I undoubtedly had opened myself to nature itself and felt rewarded by the spiritual energy flowing back. It immediately stopped when the human noise reached my ears. Still angry, it suddenly dawned on me that it wasn't the noise which switched of the energy flow it was my change from I-Thou to I-It. It was my expectation of how the perfect moment had to be not allowing any diversion from the ideal.


Then I let go the ideal in my head, I refrained from forcing the surrounding into my expectation. I accepted the chatty noise and the laughter to become part of the moment, allowing others to enjoy the world in their way. 
The switch seemed to go back into its original position, the world started to shine again and the energy flow reached me instantly. 

I felt like bursting, I felt  inspiring

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