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Jasmine infusion.



In my window I can see through the jasmine to the blue sky of the Andaluz winter. Yesterday at tea time the sun was hot on the skin. The wind of the previous days has left me with a headache, but today the air is as still as silence itself. The morning light is making patterns on the broad leaves of a creeper whose name I can never remember. That’s what I see. How do I feel about it? Glad, and more than glad. Why do I care? Because it’s just for me, so it’s like a present.

Deep breath and blow the air out through the lips, like blowing out a candle. Do this for about 3 minutes. Get the body centred in the chair, the weight of gravity on the feet, backside and hands. Feel my pulse – the beat of the heart. There is no pulse in the air outside, but there is pulse in the very slow shift of the shadow on the leaf I am watching, and the speed of the light that is bringing it to me.

This short moment of breathing in will infuse my next blog.

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