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Through exercises, rehearsals and seminars The Corporate theatre draws on the combined power of Performing Arts, Philosophy, Psychology and business acumen to develop new ways to reconnect leaders with their inspirational powers, something we consider vital in the relationship economy.

In this post, we present you with one of many exercises which can help you to be inspired by what you see around you and can help you to reconnect with your natural inspirational powers. Once you rediscover your powers and know how to use them you will lead in a new way fostering growth and enabling your company to thrive in the new relationship economy.

Think of a group of high potentials who have come together for a leadership training program. After several days of visiting plants, labs and company outlets, of meeting senior leaders and hearing about the company strategy, vision and values, they are suddenly asked to leave the world of facts and numbers -  the world of rationality and Logos in which they manage and measure every variable.

Instead they are challenged to connect with their Heart and Guts as well as their Head. Imagine these upcoming stars - normally so absorbed in solving problems, accomplishing sales and executing tasks -  now simply being asked: look out of the window. What do you see beyond the facts? There’s a pause; a moment of questioning and reflection. Then their creativity sparks. Imagination, breathing in and letting go, all at once gives rise to stories living with vivid images.

There is an old man walking along the street, observes one of the group. His back is bent and his legs are shuffling heavily. The participant starts to think about becoming old himself and what it would feel like for him to walk the street, stooped in his old age with a stick for support. What would help me? How could we make life easier for older people?

Take this street lamp in front of the window another member starts. First, he sees only the lamp. But then he starts to think how much this lamp is helping drivers to pass safely through the streets, silently running all night every night with never any thanks…how sad! Quickly his thoughts move beyond the lamp as a mere thing. He starts to think about how many people in the organization are just like the lamp in the street, diligently executing their work for the benefit of others, but never truly being appreciated.

The group is astonished by how much richer the world becomes once their Heart and Guts are engaged. Infused with their own creativity and empathy, the familiar world of facts and numbers has surprised them with a profound sense of purpose. It’s not what we do, it’s why we do it. We all know the old man. We’ve all been the street lamp. How shall we lead now?