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Forgetting the 'I' allowed me to access unlimited energy

It was hot, it was mystic, it was impressive, it was unreal the trip through the Sahara. We, 8 friends, exploring the desert in Algeria and immersing into another world: hours without the site of another human being, almost unreal a caravan at the horizon slowly moving along, a small group of tents in the middle of nowhere, abstract formations of rocks sculptured by 100000 years of grinding storms, dunes artistically rippled by the everlasting winds. When the sun slowly turned red we just stopped anywhere for the night.

One of these nights I left our camp after sun set and walked into the darkness just far enough to leave any noise or light behind curious how I would feel in this vast emptiness. The sky above me sparkled from trillions of shiny dots plastered on to true blackness. No noise would interrupt the grandness of this moment. I was impressed but slowly fear crept into my thoughts. And I shrunk feeling small and smaller, oppressed by the magnificence and magnitude around me. I felt my world being drawn towards insignificance.

But there was a turning point, the moment I forgot about me, allowing myself to open up, allowing my feelings to take over and stopping my brain to think I.

Suddenly positive energy started to flow and connectivity evolved. I felt more and more becoming part of the whole. Not small and insignificant but joining the unlimited power. Calmness, comfort, balance as well as excitement, joy and drive were settling in.
It was transformational, it relativised my world: I discovered the source of unlimited energy.

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