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The dominant mode of our existence...

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The dominant mode of our existence has become Transaction. Most of us have chosen, consciously or not, to be bought and sold. Our living standards are sacrosanct, our sense of entitlement to increasing wealth seems embedded in our approach to life, and we assume, wrongly, that the current model of corporate capitalism will last for ever. We are, most of us, members of the bourgeoisie, and as such complicit in the economic systems and ills that imprison us. This is out of step with Nature as a system, of which we are a part. We are out of step with ourselves.

Yet, we are born to be inspired and to inspire.

Inspiration is not the sole province of great public figures. Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa believed themselves called to enormous tasks and great destinies; they gave their lives in service to them, were renowned for doing so, and their words and deeds have inspired millions. Yet we are all born with powers of Inspiration that are just as significant, and which call each one of us. We each have the power to answer our call, and arguably the moral accountability to answer it as well.

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