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Wealth must fulfil two functions.

Growth and inspiration

I believe that all of us will be richer if we live each day with the certainty that we will be inspired, that we do not need to forget to look with our eyes and listen with our ears; to understand with our heads and feel with our hearts; to end the day with the surety that we have grown. This growth is not only the domain of artists, philosophers, prophets and gurus. It is fundamental to real leadership.

Corporations have a practical as well as a human interest in making things better, because ‘better’ means growth in people within the enterprise, which is a basis of growth in performance and, consequently, in wealth for society. Such growth is a sign that the connection between the producer and the buyer is healthy, and with that comes the joy of achievement. I see no intrinsic conflict between inspiration and wealth creation, until greed steps in by loving wealth for itself. It seems to me that wealth must fulfil two functions: first, to measure the outcome of input. Second, to improve the world. The first of these is simple transaction. The second is a measure of the integrity of our relationships.

When it comes to inspiring others...
Jasmine infusion.