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When it comes to inspiring others...

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When it comes to inspiring others, it is often said that actions speak louder than words. And if we reflect for a moment on the people who have inspired us in our own lives, we will find any number of friends, relations, bosses and colleagues who have in some way exemplified for us virtues like selflessness, courage, compassion, cheerfulness, hard work and wisdom. They have been an example to us of the kind of people we would wish to become, and have infused us with feelings, thoughts and principles, as if by breathing, into our mind or soul, so that in many cases we have come close to the ideal they set us.

As we reflect, however, we will realise that their actions were not silent, but communicated through words as well. And our conclusion may well be, as mine is, that words are part of those actions, and are often the main action.

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