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Why Poetry In Business Matters.

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Through exercises, rehearsals and seminars The Corporate theatre draws on the combined power of Performing Arts, Philosophy, Psychology and business acumen to develop new ways to reconnect leaders with their inspirational powers, something we consider vital in the relationship economy.

In this post, our resident poet suggests that by developing our ability to sense and communicate inspiration through poetry, we can deepen the impact of our leadership and open up new opportunities for inspired growth.

In this rapidly changing world, we tend to rely on surface data to make sense of our environment. In the short term, this tried and tested approach may work. However, it usually only results in incremental, uncompetitive improvements. For truly paradigmatic change, we must modify how we work out what something means.

‘But poetry!?’ you ask. Well, poetry engages both our rational mind and our intuition to bring about a radical shift in cognition. We can say we ‘understand’ the requirements of consumers or the nature of a brand, but this understanding may reach no further than a spreadsheet or a preconceived list of qualities. Poetry allows a deeper intuition of how a person, even a thing, can connect in unforeseen yet profound ways to our own private experience.

For this poetic notion to arise in us, we must first lay aside all our expectations and preconceptions of what we perceive around us. Then, we must become attuned to the rhythm, syntax, imagery and sound of language to make sense of our perception. A great story is packed full of these techniques. They allow us to move from an objective perception of events ‘as they usually are’ to a personal experience derived from patient observation which inspires us to be and act authentically.

Pause to consider the subtlety and nuance of language - what it can do to us, how we use it, how it often corrals us into accustomed ways of thinking. Poetry challenges the comfort of our worldview, instead offering us a fresh observational space in which we can experience inspiration in the everyday. What’s more, it provides us with the techniques to communicate this experience to those around us, leading to fundamental growth within communities. 

So, why not keep a book of poems by your bedside. A good anthology is a great place to start. Even if you read one poem a week, you may be surprised by the shift in perception this brings about. You may even be tempted to write something of your own. You already have your senses. The ‘data’ you can explore is all around you. In combination they can reconnect you with your inspirational powers, leading you to new insights into fostering growth and enabling you and your company to thrive in the relationship economy.

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