Through a seminar and discussion of Pathos—what we call Empathy—you discover that we are all born into relationships and that none of us ‘exists’ separately from other people or things. You learn that relationships are not built, but shaped by attitude choice. You learn that there are just two kinds of attitude to choose from, and, while both are necessary it is usually the case that the most important one lies buried under years of conditioning in the modern world.

We work at the levels of Head, Heart and Character to awaken the power to choose attitude, continuously and at every waking moment. By choosing our attitude to any situation, we can bring about one of the two kinds of relationship available to us: reciprocal and human, or transactional and mechanistic.

As in all of our workshops, theory comes after practice. That is why we create a theatre space in which to internalize and feel the power of attitude choice before we explore the ideas behind it. Presence is learnt through techniques of breathing, vocal reach and diction. You learn how to ‘resonate’ our choice of attitude inwards into yourself, and outwards towards others, particularly when we enter the spiritual dynamic of reciprocal attitude choice.

This learning is basic to every workshop we execute. Each element is bound together through intensive training in scenarios, in study and intellectual challenge, and in physical techniques. By re-enacting experiences and situations that demand a new depth of attitude, you rapidly come to see how to master attitude choice, and to acquire the personal presence that will infuse the people you lead. You learn to let go of control and trust the emergent and transformative power of the inspiration that lies within you.

The outcome is that we learn to ‘act’ our attitude so as to bring about the conditions that make reciprocity at a deep level an attainable daily experience.

This is probably one of the most essential aspects of creating an organizational culture people want to be part of. The alternative is one driven by metrics and targets, which too many good and gifted people will want to leave.

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