Linked to the rediscovery of Pathos is the internalization of Authenticity (Ethos): it means knowing your own powers, using them and experiencing yourself as their activator. One who can do this is set to be a productive leader.

We help you to learn how to identify your powers or strengths, how to decide to use them and how to lose the ego driven fear and uncertainty that can prevent you.

We help you to understand, and stand by, your values. What matters to you personally becomes a priority in your statements, suggestions and actions as we work with you to practice them. The courage to act or speak without seeking guidance or approval and to make clear choices about what you want to say and how and why you want to say it is fundamental if a person’s character is to infuse others with inspirational power. It results in a culture of public discussion about purposes, decisions and priorities. There are too many unproductive meetings in organizations.

We rehearse Authenticity as in a theatre, testing its associated behaviours to reveal how its consistent foundations may have flexible applications in differing situations. We work to refashion your language, showing you how to work against the deadening effect of corporate speak and to find the courage to use your own individual voice and words. The mindset of Authenticity and its activation in authentic speech and actions is expressed in a degree of risk. This requires and develops courage. It is one of the most liberating behaviours in the path to inspire growth.

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