Through this approach, you learn to focus all these new capabilities on the specific areas where you want to inspire growth: from laying out a whole vision, to coaching an individual member of your team, to engaging an investor, to bringing in community members to the strategy of your organization. You learn how to make your mark in committees and on boards. You learn how to inspire growth in your teams and direct reports. Pathos, Logos, Ethos, the Heart, the Head and the Character grow from individual development into a common culture and its human systems, characterized by the elements of inspire growth which each person has learnt and practices together.

From the sharing and supporting of a common set of protocols, practices and approaches, a Collective Intelligence emerges. You learn to rehearse together, to check in with key reminders of behaviours and mindsets, to set the attitudes of deep listening and contribution and to follow the roads which lead to productive leadership.

In this collective intelligence everyone is called on to be a leader who at every opportunity can inspire growth. Individual mindsets and behaviours that have grown from being essentially about “Me” now inform the systems and culture that comprise “We”. As ego finds its rightful place in the dynamic of this culture, so Inspired Collective Intelligence emerges and evolves.

Inspired Collective Intelligence is what a great football team demonstrates and experiences when it moves intuitively towards the goal, its members thinking and feeling and creating as one. It’s what a great orchestra does as it mutually releases the tone, the phrasing, the dynamic it jointly feels; it’s what a great theatre ensemble does when its interpretation of a drama assumes a pressure and inevitability that transforms its audience’s perceptions.

As the organization connects ever more with the communities and societies in which it lives and makes its profits, so the need for Inspired Collective Intelligence becomes more evident. It is the gateway to, and the basis of, real innovation. Real innovation is what will show that the organization has moved on from being merely ‘good’ to being one that can inspire growth.