Integrated with the work on Empathy and Authenticity is the unleashing of your Creativity (Logos). This involves the application of two historically informed models.

The first of these is The Storytelling Circle which guides you in the application of all the essentials of creating a compelling strategic narrative. The second is the Sidney Plan which builds on classical theories of Creativity to show how each of us can design, fashion and deliver a living, three-dimensional picture of any goal, purpose, or experience, so as to inspire others to act.

Before each session, you begin creating inspirational stories and poems according to the models’ guidelines. This is part of your personal branding. You learn to infuse each corporate message with the Creativity that gives it the uniqueness that comes only from you.

You are coached and rehearsed before performing in public. You learn to take risks and push yourself beyond what you had previously thought possible.

We bind up all these key insights into advanced skills of communication which ensure that each person embodies the principles of Pathos, Logos and Ethos described above. By performing great speeches, inspirational poems and dramatic excerpts, you learn how to harness your natural style of speech to the rhythm of language, to apply the enduring techniques of classical speech and to discipline yourself physically in a way that provides the confidence and control you need to inspire.

The long term benefit of this approach is that it trains you to focus on the disciplines of visualization and description.

Visualization is one of the most effective tools we all have to clarify and internalize our purposes and goals. Creating a clear picture of the future we envisage is the critical step towards turning our dreams into reality. The power of description is allied to visualization: it is what we use to express and affirm our inner thoughts and pictures. Description requires a new approach to language, and the application of Authenticity, Creativity, and Empathy in order to bring to life the people, places and actions that comprise a vision.

Once you and your teams have learnt and applied these tools in public, the key to inspire growth becomes part of your inspirational armoury.

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