The power of the Elevated Behaviours described above depends on one key attitude: Losing Your Ego. Losing your ego means finding your courage: the courage to practice Empathy, to embrace Authenticity, and develop and apply Creativity.

When you lose ego, you are freed to connect with others on equal terms, binding together the strength of each individual into the power of the many, inspired by a common culture and sense of purpose. It is this loss of ego that allows the inspired Collective Intelligence of a group to emerge.

Inspired Collective Intelligence is infinitely more powerful than the sum of individual wisdom. Only inspired collective intelligence is powerful enough to interpret the world’s growing complexity, and flexible enough to profit from the accelerating change around us.

For this reason, many of our clients have made developing inspired collective intelligence a priority in raising performance and meeting more ambitious goals for their businesses. They know that the key to success in our new economy are the elevated behaviours that comprise the commonality of Inspired Collective Intelligence.

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