We’ve named our philosophy Inspire Growth. Sustainable growth is the natural order of things, and inspiration is its driving force in human undertakings.

Inspire Growth is the purpose and mission of The Corporate Theatre. We have developed a method which simplifies its complexity and enables leaders to succeed in the new relationship economy by being inspired by the world they live in, and by inspiring performance in others. This is an economy driven by purpose, collaboration and trust—a new way of being a business in society.

Inspire Growth means being inspired by this possibility, by the world around us, by each other, and by the purposes we hold to. From this foundation, Inspire Growth leads to inspired mindsets, behaviours, culture and systems. These come together in Inspired Collective Intelligence —a state of being within an organization that resembles a world class football team or a great arts ensemble, capable of creating a new era of collaboration and cooperation between commerce and citizens.

Inspire Growth requires the development of four mindsets and behaviours: Creativity (Brain); Authenticity (Character); Empathy (Heart); Presence (Body). They are bound together by Courage (Will). These qualities, integrated by training and habit, enable each person to be infused by their context and inspired by the world. They will then be ready to inspire others and themselves to accomplish great purposes.

Inspire Growth is an idea whose time has come.

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