The power of The Corporate Theatre isn’t just in what we do, it’s also how we do it.

Our aim is to equip you to be inspired, and to inspire, through the common human channels of head, heart, and character—Logos, Pathos, and Ethos. These are the receivers and transmitters of the qualities which inspire growth.

This approach is grounded in the wisdom of the Ancient Greeks who shaped our civilization, and the thinkers and leaders who have gone on to develop it. Our years of testing and adapting these methods now enable us to apply them to the needs of your organization in the Relationship Economy.

We are able to embed your understanding and your practice of inspire growth in dynamic and powerful ways through theatre, through music, through shared stories, and through Enlightenment and modern political philosophy.

With new courage and awareness, ready to inspire growth in yourself, in individuals, and in your teams and divisions, you become an agent of a dynamic that spreads and grows as in nature. You inspire a collective intelligence that can lead you and your organization to new levels of purpose, connection with society, and performance.

Logos, Pathos, Ethos; Theatre, Music, Stories; these run through all of the learning formats and consulting services we offer. They are a powerful universal set of solutions, ready to be adapted and applied for different situations and contexts.

All our programs are run by experts in their fields. World-leading dramatists, poets, musicians, and philosophers combine to provide university level seminars and professional performance workshops.

Learn about the Four Elements that go into all of our Programs