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The body is the channel through which our experience reaches us.

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We are seeing a shift in attitude. Women are standing up for their physical integrity, are exposing the sexual powerplay of film producers and others. This shift is driven by the very power of Presence which activates inspiration into being a force for change: it is concerned with the body. When the male guests at a charity dinner grope the (scantily clad) waitressing staff, they are trespassing upon the body, on the Presence of a person that contains both the receptors and transmitters of inspiration. If this thought seems a bit rarified, let’s remind ourselves that William Blake, more than 200 years ago, announced with passion that the body is not distinct from the soul; that the body is the channel through which our experience reaches us, and through which we reach others. #metoo highlights that when a person’s physical body is groped, the person within is touched unwillingly, and person and body respond with the voice of inspiration, and change begins.

Illusionary beliefs
Presence does not have to be loud.