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Thought Leaders

Senior Marketing Executive with 35+ years international experience in turnaround situations for major consumer brands in the Retail, Consumer Service and Marketing Advertising industries.

Honed skills in building brand equity through strategic planning; innovation; brand development; marketing research and communication. Team player with proven leadership skills and demonstrated ability to initiate and manage change while maintaining a positive environment. Keen sense of long term brand building strategies with emphasis on customer needs and desires and bottom line requirements.

Over the years lived in Germany, France, Canada and at the moment in Netherlands. Experiences from line responsibility, consultancy and board assignments.

I love cooking; visiting art museums & exhibitions; photography and being with my family. We travel a lot and love to discover new things. As often as we can we visit our kids living in New York. A city full of inspiration.

What drives you as an individual? Curiosity and Passion.

How do you tap into your creativity?  By having an open mind, listening to others, observing what is going on, using my passion and cross pollinating input I collect.

Who do you consider as an inspiring businessman or woman? Steve Jobs and Hans Rosling, even if they unfortunately are not with us anymore.

When do you feel most connected to people? When sitting down in a relaxed atmosphere, having a dinner talking about life, experiences and value

Who or what inspires you? Hans Rosling has inspired me a lot over the years. Also Architecture, Photography and Art. Young people.

What is your take on ‘business in the arts and the arts in business? I believe it is a strong way to develop people and business.

What is in it for business as far as inspiration is concerned? Inspiration is the biggest source for development, and to see things differently.

Why is humanity so important for business nowadays? Business is about humanity whatever you do. Without it, business will die as well as development.

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