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Inspirational leadership workshop with GSK- CEE in Warsaw

Once again, for the fifth time in CEE, we gathered together a cohort of leaders for the Inspirational Leadership workshop run by our partners The Corporate Theatre. Twenty leaders representing eleven different nationalities from across CEE and an invited guest from the US spent two and a half days learning the principles and techniques of becoming even more inspiring leaders. For those unfamiliar with this programme we started by sitting around a campfire and sharing our feelings about how we are and what we are leaving behind. We invented stories showing how we naturally bring together elements of people, places and actions in order to create more vivid and memorable images, a process strengthened by an exercise in inspirational observation contemplating a street scene which our collective imaginations filled with rich stories. We learned about the importance of posture, breathing and clear pronounciation, shared stories about the people who have inspired us in our lives and were introduced to Martin Buber’s concept of I-Thou which we then had a chance to practise. We shared transformational moments from our past and visualised moments from our future which were then fused together in a rich session when we realised that every one of us is a poet (some of our poems are featured on the following pages). On the final day the programme culminated in our inspirational declarations before we closed with a campfire and returned to our homes and offices much better equipped to be inspirational leaders for our teams, our families and friends. Andrew Macmillan

Inspirational Leadership Workshop GSK CEE in Warsa...
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